Set on the enchanted grounds of a mystical Castle in far western Iowa, no downpour could diminish the excitement & pageantry of

John & Brittney's Wedding!

Johnnyboy, son of sister Jean & Steven, and his beautiful bride Brittney were married by yours truly this past Sept 28th in a late afternoon ceremony on the grounds of the Castle Unicorn in Mills County, Iowa.

The wedding culminated a multitude of weekend events headquartered in neighbouring Omaha, Nebraska - starting with the Rehearsal on the prior Friday evening and ending with a Farewell Brunch on Sunday morn.

Brittney is the daughter of Bryan & Denise and she is absolutely lovely as you can see. Johnny & Brittney have known each other for almost 4 years. Their courtship and engagement caught no one by surprise as these 2 looked destined for each other from the get go.

Brittney, is the finest Speech Pathologist west of Vienna, and our Johnny is the Air Force's Top Pilot, besting all other of our nations Pilots in Courage, Bravery, Good Looks & Pure Aviation Brilliance. What a future they have in front of them.

Johnny & Brittney make their home in Omaha - so it was a destination wedding for most of the family and many of their friends.

So stuffed with provisions and fresh horses, we headed west from Chicago, forded the Mighty Mississippi, while keeping a sharp lookout for any angry Kickapoo or Sauk Indians as our Conestoga wagons traversed the vast Iowa Prairie. Upon our arrival, we checked into the Hilton Garden Inn overlooking the swollen Missouri River and headed directly for the Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner.

The Rehearsal went off like clockwork and then we headed to a restaurant named Upstream - smack in the middle of a very quaint vintage nightclub section of Omaha. Picture left, is of the Happy Couple fortifying themselves for their big day on the morrow. The ambience was great and the buffet was wicked.

Wedding Day came up overcast and it wasn't until an hour before the wedding that the Skies opened forcing the Outdoor Wedding inside. But if anything, it was more beautiful with the rain stopping just as the Ceremony began.

The ceremony came off quite well I believe, and many tears of joy were shed. Johnny's father Steven was particularly annoying, wailing uncontrollably no matter how many blistering looks I shot him. He can be SO weak.

Checkout this little highlight. As we are going through the vows and they are placing the rings on each others fingers..... Johnny surprises Brittney with an extra diamond encrusted band that she had no idea was coming. Her reaction was priceless. It literally took her breath away!

Well Done Nephew!

After being pronounced Husband & Wife, they crossed beneath a gauntlet of arched Sabers borne by friends from the Air Force,the Navy & the Army. Spectacular as you can see right.

The Wedding Attendants were ably anchored by Godson Scott, who reeled off a spectacular Best Man's toast during the reception. Very Impressive. He takes after his Mother so much.

We also really, really enjoyed catching up with my nephew Robinson, and his lovely wife Melissa who we were honoured to sit with during the reception. Robinson is the son of my cousin Robbie & wife Brenda of North Carolina. Robbie is the son of my uncle, the late, great Robert Arthur Johnson, of Evanston. A finer Uncle would be difficult to find. Robinson & Melissa are pictured left. They have 2 children - a girl and a boy that is named Robert Arthur after his Great Grandfather. Stellar!

Picture above is of the Cousins lining up for a great picture. Seeing all these young folk together gives me Great Hope for the future.

We are in Good Hands.

PS... As if their wasn't enough excitement with the Nuptials, my Mom - having flown in for the Wedding - Surprised us 4 kids with an all expenses paid Cruise next May to celebrate her 85th birthday! Wow - thanks Mom!

Congratulations John & Brittney

may the Lord bless you throughout your marriage

You are loved by all!