Capping an 11 year courtship and just hours under the deadline, Brad whisks Tina off on a surprise weekend to DisneyWorld where

They Got Engaged!

Wow! Our youngest son Bradley gave his beautiful girlfriend Christina what she proclaimed was the "Best Day Of Her Life", when he proposed Matrimony in front of Cinderella's Castle, at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

As all of you who know Tina,she loves all things Disney and this locale was the perfect setting for this dream come true. Check out the picture just below of their 1st date back in 2008 watching Charley win at Arlington. She's Lovely then and Lovely now!

So here's How it went down....

Unbeknownst to Tina, Brad worked with Tina's Aunt (who is a Jeweler) to custom create Tina's engagement ring. Made of something called Rose Gold - it is splendid. With ring in hand, Brad books a surprise trip to Tina's favourite place in the world, Disney's The Magic Kingdom.

Brad, who had properly secured Tina's parents permission to marry before hand, had asked Tina's mom to prepare a bag for her for the trip she knew nothing about.

So on June 7th, Tina is celebrating the end of the school year with her fellow teachers on a Train Pub crawl via the Northwest Metra Line to Chicago. At the Edison Park stop, Brad nips into the Bar and to Tina's surprise announces "Lets Go, we're going to Disney World!".

Tina's friends, none of whom were in on the plan, start hooting and hollering as Brad leads Tina out to the car to go to O'Hare. Check out the Video.

So on the 8th, Brad & Tina are in the Magic Kindom where it is raining off and on all morning. They hit a few rides, and then the weather clears as they are in front of the Castle.

As Tina gets ready for the usual photo with the Castle backdrop, Brad quickly clues in the Disney Photog about what's REALLY about to GO DOWN and to both capture Video and the Photos of the Magic Moment. He didn't let them down.

As Tina is busy smiling for the camera, Brad fishes out the ring and pops down to a knee, with Tina oblivious that Brad is not standing next to her. When she turns to look at Brad and sees him with the Sparkler on his knee, the surprise and delight she showed is magnificent. Check out that video too.

Unbelievably, Tina says "YES" and Brad slides the Ring on her finger.

A moment neither of them will ever forget.....

Following that, they run into Mickey & Minnie Mouse where they show off the Sparkler to them and get some great snaps of that.

Early the next morn it is back to Chicago since Tina was going to start her Summer Teaching gig the next day. But they are Oh so happy on their return as they share their great news with all Family & Friends. Stay tuned as no date has been set - but that is coming soon!

Kathy & I couldn't be Happier with the decisions these 2 youngsters have taken.

Tina is a lovely girl, raised by a stellar family who surround each other with Love.

God Bless Christina & Brad!