Though it was raining outside, it couldn't have been more perfect inside for the

Wedding of Scott & Nina!

On Saturday, May 18th at the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, our nephew and Godson Scott Gallo, married his longtime sweetheart Nina, in a lovely late afternoon ceremony.

The Wedding was followed by a Cocktail Hour and then a raucous Reception in full Assyrian Tradition - which is Nina's heritage.

The wedding went off with nary a hitch under the Dome of the Rotunda in this magnificent building.

Scott & Nina went through their Vows flawlessly and following the Ceremony we were headed off to the Gar Room which featured a huge anteroom alongside trimmed in Wood and Marble. It was spectacular. Cocktails were served there for about an hour until it was back to the Rotunda where it had been transformed into a Reception Palace including tables & a dance floor.

The Reception began with the Bridal Party coming into the room - Assyrian Style. Everyone was dancing, holding hands and snaking a long line around Scott & Nina. The music was traditional and Nina's side of the family made sure everyone else knew what to do.

Picture upper right is of the Happy Couple following the ceremony. The little Cherub twirling in her Princess Gown is Cora, the flower girl. Picture above left is Scott & Nina leading the procession into the Reception. Picture below is the traditional Asyrian line Dance. Spectacular

Thanks to the parents

Sam, Luisa & Jean & Steve for a beautiful evening.

God bless Scott & Nina in your marriage!!!!!!!