On a beautiful August 24th Evening, Kathy & I were honoured to attend a Surprise Party marking

Shannon's 40th Birthday!

Our niece, Shannon (Moran) Garcia is the eldest daughter of longtime friends Bob & Gail Moran. Shannon's great husband Gunz, threw her a birthday bash which was one for the books. Catering a room at the Westwood Tavern, (home of their initial date some 18 years ago), he invited Shannon's family, friends, & work chums who gathered to celebrate our Shannon's big day.

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Click here for video of Gunz Thanking all for attending

Shannon's sisters Mary & Bridget were there along with brother Sean. Sadly other sisters Sara, Theresa & Katie were out of state and couldn't be with us. They were missed. Shannon's maternal Grandparents were there - still arguing daily about who loves the other more! Bob & Gail were there too, of course. Gunz was quick to thank Mary & Bridget for all the help they provided in pulling off the big bash. Also,their son Nick was in the middle of the action, sporting a cute babe on his arm named Bianca.

Shannon was genuinely shocked when she walked into the room and tears of joy flowed freely. Shannon greeted everyone and then we sat down to a great buffet, of Salad, Chicken, Pasta, Pulled Pork and all the sides. For dessert Gunz had got a beautiful cake featured with pictures of Shannon on it. Scrumptious!

Picture upper left is Shannon - shocked as she enters. Picture upper right is of the lovebirds. Picture mid left is Shannon with some of her Babe Crew. Lower right is a favourite of mine with Shannon overlooking Portofino, Italy when she came over for a visit with her Dad.... Always a beauty - that Shannon.

Also, Shannon is a Master Hair Dresser and is single handedly responsible for extending Trophy Wife Kathy's Beauty as The Princess has aged over the last few decades.... That Shannon - she's a Magician!!

Happy Birthday Shannon

God Bless You & Gunz

We Love You So Much