Where has the time gone? Can you believe it? Celebrating

Tyler's HS Graduation & Birthday!

Wow, the time has flown by as my Godson Tyler, youngest boy of sister Nancy and Randy, celebrated his Graduation from Palatine HS and marked his 18th Birthday! His parents threw him a Bash at Lamplighters Bar in Palatine where all the family and their friends gathered to mark Tyler's Achievements.

Tyler heads to Purdue this coming fall and we couldn't be more proud of him. Picture upper left is the Proud Graduate flanked by Babe Sister Jaclyn and Studly Older Brother Ryan.

Tyler's Party Posse including his Babe Girlfriend and his lads, adding another crewmate - 4 year Old Thor - who muscled his way into the group as you see from the picture right. Thor chatted all night with the boys about music, weaponry, movies, babes, etc.....

A full Buffet was laid on the hungry partygoers including Chicken Tenders, Pizza, a few salad Things and a wonderful Cake.

Numerous family members from both sides were there with a healthy collection of Friends & Neighbors. Tyler is LOVED BY ALL!

Nasty Injury Report!

Princess Kathy, headed to the bar for another cold one - toppled right over a chair that had been carelessly knocked over by my Nemesis Bro-In-Law. (You all know who that is!).

Well Her Highness did a full Bar Floor faceplant and came up with a nasty lower right leg contusion with pronounced lower extremity bruising - but still in fine enough form to quaff the frosty beer she was in search of. Nicely Done Princess.

Nasty Injury Report End.

Take a look at all the photos - certainly was a wonderful time.

Congratulations Godson & God Bless you!

You have made everyone Proud!