Wondering how the time has flown by so quickly, we celebrated

Brett's 30th Birthday!

On Sunday, August 30, just 2 days before his big day, Kathy & I threw a gala bash to celebrate Brett's milestone.   

Sadly, this damn Pandemic required us to limit the guest list, so it was a smaller affair than we would have liked.  Brett's Godparents, my sister Nancy & her hubby Randy were there along with 2 of their 3 kids, Jaclyn & Ryan.  

Sister Laurie was there helping Kathy with the big do along with her 2 - Jeff & Allison. Dancing Rabbits Jeff & Vicky were there along with our boys and their familes - except for Sabrina - she was missed.

The day was beautiful but the festivities actually started the day before.   Thor stayed over at our house on Friday night and on Saturday, him Brett & myself went and played Miniature Golf.  Thor beat us BOTH!

So on the Party Day, Kathy had arranged for favourite Nino's to cater the affair and of course they didn't disappoint.  

But the highlight of the day was the Surprise Appearance of the DoorStep Diva's!  The Diva's are 2 gorgeous singers who come to your house, Setup On Your Sidewalk and Belt Out a few songs.  

One of the Diva's is a relative of Bob & Gail Moran's family.  Her name is Caitlin and Kathy and I have heard her sing a few times.  She is stellar.   We keep wanting to say that she is our niece - but alas she is Bob & Gail's niece.   Her partner is Molly who is a singer in Gary Sinise's Lt Dan Band!  Awesome as well!  Together they are Chicago's DoorStep Diva's!

Well the Diva's arrive, surprising the  whole crowd and belt out 4 great songs starting out with a rousing Happy Birthday for Brett.  (It was BETTER than Marilyn Monroes's song to JFK!)  They they ripped into Thor's favourite Justin Timberlake hit, followed by the Door's anthem, Light My Fire (Brett's favourite).  

They concluded with Uptown Funk that had everyone dancing -  including the neighbors - who were wondering "What The Hell Was Going On On Our Sidewalk!"  They were spectacular and they are a MUST for any party.   

After the Diva's departed, Kathy laid on the spread and it was delectable.  Salads, Italian Beef, Pasta, Fried Chicken and Portillo's Chocolate cake rounded out the eats. Partygoers were fighting over the leftovers - especially Dr. Brad!   

Check out all the pictures and the Video!

God Bless You Brett!

We Love You!

Happy 30th Birthday!