Well, as the song goes, "There Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine..." So we gathered to wish Jean & Steven a loving Farewell as they are

Off To Florida!

That's right, Jean & Steve have officially retired and are moving Lock, Stock & Barrel to the Sunshine State!   

Jean & Steve have sold their long time abode in Deer Park, Illinois and sight unseen have bought a beautiful home in Sarasota Fla., not far from their Condo, our Mom and all the Sun 'N Fun they can handle! 

From her house in Palatine, sister Laurie threw a monster Bash to wish them well as they are about to depart on this next chapter in their lives.

Practicing all the Social Distancing Rules we must follow during this wretched Pandemic, Laurie produced most of the family for the Party, anchored by  Family Matriarch Aunt Joyce, in full command. 

Aunty was joined by her daughters, Sue & Barb - along with various members of their families.   The Grewe family, starring cherub Dawson and the Hedges family, showing off little Grayson stole a good many hearts.

Bryan, Sabrina, the Rapscallion Thor, and his baby brother Ashton were there.  Ben, Jordan, Brett, Tina and the Doctor were there.  

Laurie's kids Jeff & Allison were there, along with the entire Perryman Crowd, featuring Tyler's Babe Girlfriend and Tommy Glasgow!  

The Dancing Rabbits, Jeff & Vicky were there along with Debbie and Irish Homeboy Aiden!  Aunty Jan Bristow and her daughter Pam, made this a Party to remember. 

Chief laid on a lavish spread with salads, candies, cheeses, and little bitty sandwiches, all packaged and presented individually for maximum safety.  I must say, that as she ages, the Dowager is less and less of a Black Sheep and more and more of a Loving Grey Sheep.  The party she threw was Spectacular!

I toasted Jean & Steve as they are about to make this huge move.   And As I wished them well, I couldn't think of a single bad thing to say about my Nemesis Steve - even in light of all the trials, tribulations and humiliations he has made me suffer over all these years.   I only got Love for them both.

Though excited for Jean & Steve, we were also a bit sad as us 4 kids have never lived more that 20 miles from each other.  That will change now - but we know Florida is probably in all of our Futures - so we will be back together soon! 

Make sure to catch all the pictures and check out the Videos - It was a great day!

Thanks to Laurie For Throwing This Great Party!

God Bless Jean & Steven As They Move To Florida!

We Love you Both!