With Kathy & I in Florida, along with Aunty Joyce & Diane, my Mom suggested going to see the

Gators In Myakka State Park!

It was a glorious weekday in late February.  Aunt Joyce & cousin Diane were vacationing in the Sunshine State, while Kathy & I were in town after my firm's annual Board Meeting held the previous week in Sanibel.   

We were looking for something to do and local Tour Guide Mom Thrun suggested going out to Myakka Stae  Park to see the Gators!

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Myakka State Park is but 15 minutes from my Mom's house, so we picked everyone up and headed over there.  They have a boat ride excursion at the Park that usually is a good way to spot the Gators sunning themselves. 

It was a bit brisk on the boat, but other than a couple other passengers, we had it all to ourselves.

On the far side of the lake we saw a number of these ancient beasts sunning themselves on the banks of the shallow lake.  There were all sizes from just little fellas - to the big 10 footers. 

Make sure that you check out the pictures and the Video below.

Was great seeing My Mom, Diane and Aunty Joyce.   I love you all!