Upholding a Johnson Family Tradition that goes back well over 60 years, it was time to celebrate the 4th of July with

Breakfast In The Woods!

On a glorious July 4th morning - hotter than blazes- we gathered at Deer Grove Forest Preserve and, as FIVE Johnson generations before us, got together for Breakfast, Photos, Chatter, & Fireworks.    

I believe sister Laurie led the invite list with her Jeff & Allison.  Sister Jean and irritating husband Steve - about to move to Florida - were present as well.  Sister Nancy & husband Randy with their entire brood - Jaclyn, Ryan & Tyler - were all there.  

Happily, the Robert Arthur Johnson contingent of the family was ably represented by Jeff & Dancing Hearthrob Vicky, along with his sister Debbie and the man all of us would like to be - her Irish Stallion, Aiden.  Bringing up the rear was Bronze Babe Kathy - with me.


Jeannie had baked her world famous Blueberry Buckle - still warm from the oven for all.   Others chipped in with fruit and pastries.   Due to the pandemic, we kept our distance from each other and managed without Picnic Tables, Coolers & and any PortaPotties.

Jeff Gregorio, who has assumed Fireworks Responsibilities - having learned at the foot of Master Fireworks Showman Jeff,  wowed the crowd with a daylight show, that even got the Sand Hill Cranes frisky & cackling!   My persoal favourite was "Tears Of Joy", sending multiple missiles into the air, all accompanied by fine reports.

Another highlight was the younger generation performing a tradition initially established by Steve Gallo - way back in 1985.  And that is to light off a belt of Firecrackers and recreate the last scene of the movie Bonnie & Clyde as the FBI riddles their car with Bullets.  The prize for the best performance was a double Sawbuck.  Alas, their was a 3 way tie for 1st.  Watch the video.        

Check out all the pictures and the video of this fine day. 

God has blessed us with this family!

Happy 4th to all!


PS...  Some pictures below of prior Years Picnics