Following the July 4th Breakfast in the Woods, it was but a brief rest until we headed out to a picnic at

Ben & Jordan's New Home!

That's right, our second son Ben and his Beautiful Babe Wife Jordan, recently purchased their Dream Home in Carol Stream, Illinois.   It is a 4 bedroom mansionette with a huge basement and beautiful front & back gardens for Reese to patrol unfettered.

Jordan decided to throw an afternoon picnic for our two families, including her Mom & Dad - Susan & Jon along with her lovely sister Olivia.  

She also invited the Princess & I and all our boys - though sadly Brad & Tina couldn't make it as they were in Wisconsin.  But Bryan, Sabrina and the cherubs reported to the event along with the Grandsons favourite Uncle Brett.

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It was blazing hot, but this Country Villa came outfitted with its own pool and many went swimming to keep cool.  Alas, Olivia had to depart early before I could properly grill her on her new beau we have heard about.

Ben & Jordan already have made new friends with their neighbors to the West, who generously stopped by to welcome them with a bottle of wine.  We had hoped that they could stay - but they were off to another party.

 I have to say that our family is so blessed to be united with Jordan's family.  Her mom & dad are two of the nicest people you could ever meet and Jordan is a reflection of them.  Ben is so blessed.  Jordan definetely got the short end of the In Law stick.

Jordan laid on a great barbecue and the hours flew by so quickly.  Make sure you check out the photos - I promise to do a better job next time - but I was having too much fun to get all the photos I should have.

Thanks Jordan & Ben for a great Party to close Out this 

4th of July!