Right smack in the middle of the Great Pandemic of 2020, and ruining ALL our celebration plans -

Mom Turns 85!

Can you believe it, my beautiful Mom turns 85 years old this May 12th, 2020!

A year ago, Mom had planned a birthday cruise with her kids and all of us eagerly awaited this day so we could celebrate together on the High Seas. 

Alas, the Corona-Virus had other plans and instead of cruising around in the Western Carribean, we were all apart being Socially Distanced!

As you can see right, a Flamboyance of Flamingos arrived on Mom's Front Garden on the morn of her Birthday.  As she lives on a busy street, I'm sure there's going to be honking all day! 

Mom, you know my sisters & I and all the family love you very much.  That goes without saying.  But I know my sisters and I want to thank you for all you did for each of us. 

I know I gave you more than a few Gray Hairs - Laurie was absolutely WILD, that rascal.  Jean and Nancy thankfully gave you a bit of a break - since they were so good - at least as far as you knew. 

But we know that you worked so hard and did whatever you could for us. 

Mom, we are eternally thankful. Also, You, Dad & Carl did so much to instill an abiding Christian Faith in each of us.


Since we couldn't physically get together, Sister Jean had a great idea to put together a Birthday Video for Mom, where so many of her Family & Friends could mark this day with some Best Wishes delivered by Video.  The Video can be seen directly below.

Mom Have A Great 85th Birthday!

All Of Us Love You Very Much! 

God Blessed Us With You!