Thanks to my beautiful Kathy, on the Saturday of Oct 10 it was off to Hackney's in Glenview for a Bash to celebrate my

65th Bithday!

Earlier that week on the 6th I had indeed traversed across my 65th birthday. How could I be that old?  Well I am Damnit, and will have to remember it is better than the alternative.  

So Kathy planned a birthday party for me and my cousin Jeff Johnson - who recently turned 61 - at the world famous Hackney's Restaurant on Lake Street.  

My Ball 'n Chain, Sons, Grandsons, Nephews, Sisters ('cept Jean now in Florida), Cousins Jeff & Debbie, assorted Spouses, Fiances, & all occupied Hackney's Premier Banquet room where the Onion Ring Loaves came fast & furious.

We were all socially distanced, spread out at different tables.  I love that immediate family members split up to different tables - so we could chat, laugh and have fun with our family members we don't see often enough.  Dad and Uncle Bob would be busting with pride seeing the family together like this.

Got some great cards and gifts, sandwiched between a highlight and a lowlight.   My favourite gift was the one from my 4 sons - a Video Birthday Shoutout from Hockey Hall of Famer and MY all time Sports Idol, Denis Savard of the Chicago Blackhawks.   Best Centre I ever saw - and that includes Gretzky! 

My sons got that for me and I have already watched it over 20 times in the 3 hours I received it.  It is shown to the right.

The backstory that Denis refers to on the video is from 1984, when newly engaged Kathy & I started sending out our wedding invitations.  

We sent one to Denis c/o the Blackhawks just to get a signed response saying - No Thanks.   Alas the invitation was never returned and Denis explains that on the Video.

The worst gift of the night - bar none - was from constant irritant Bro-In-Law Randy Perryman.  It was a red "Donald Trump 2020" Ball Cap, complete with the Donald's ridiculous hair.  Any of you that know me know of my utter disdain for Trump so I have to admit that Randy got me.   Picture of me with this awful gift is all the way on the bottom.

I got some great Birthday Cards, especially one from Jeff & Vicky. Their card folded out featuring a number of Horses called - Dumb-Ass, Crazy-Ass, Cheap-Ass, Smart-Ass, Nice-Ass & Half-Ass.  Pretty Damn Funny.  Got a couple others all wishing me a Happy Birthday.  Got a heating blanket, a tool to pick up things off the floor without bending (HaHa), and other little trinkets.    I loved them all.

Picture upper left is me and the Princess at the restaurant.   Isn't she still just absolutely GORGEOUS!  My Life's Richest Blessing! Then a picture of all the party goers at their tables.   Picture upper left is me and Jeff - the 2 Birthday Boys.   You HAVE to check out the link of Jeff, aka Dancing Rabbit, in his latest dance video set to Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty" from the movie Forrest Gump.  We all love to watch Jeff dance - and this one is his BEST YET!

The other 2 links are videos of when I met up with my Hockey Hero Denis Savard before - once at a Technical Seminar where he was the featured speaker - and the other in the Paddock at Arlington Park.   I love Savoir-Faire! 

Thanks To Katarina for Such A Great Party!

Thanks To All Who Came To The Party - I Love You All

Praise God For All His Many Blessings !!