During the midst of the Great Pandemic of 2020 this was a....

Christmas Like No Other!

Well, this sure was different this year.....     

No Christmas Eve Buffet at Jay & Val's like we've done for the last 2+ decades.  No Christmas Day with my sisters and families.  No Midnight Christmas Eve Service.  

Just a small gathering on Christmas Eve with the boys and their families and  an understated Christmas Day with Brett, Brad & Tina.

But in its own way it was beautiful.   We give thanks first & foremost for the Birth of a Savior - The Christ.  We give thanks our family has largely been spared from this plague and thankful that a vaccine is now available.  We pray for all those afflicted with Covid-19 and that those sickened recover completely and quickly.  

Picture upper right is Grandson Ashton with his favourite dog Reese.  He has on quite the festive sweater.  This boy is fearless.  He rips down stairs on his tummy, taunts Reese with his Dog Bone, and just squeals in delight when Resse gives him some big licks.

Thor to the left, is more cautious around Reese - but is slowly warming up to him.  Thor is now almost 6 years old and liked all of his many presents - but especially his remote controlled Robot.  

Pictures right & below are of Bryan & Sabrina's family.  Also one of Ben & Jordan's family - including Ashton who backed his new tricycle into the picture and wouldn't leave.  

From our family to Yours

Merry Christmas

Christ Our Savior is born,

Christ our savior is born