Starting Easter Morning off with Church at Trinity - BTW a beautiful service with our NEW Pastor - we came home where Kathy hosted

Easter With The Family!

Now back to Church for a bit.   Bryan, Sabrina and the 2 rascals joined the Zoom Call at Trinity for Easter Worship this morning.  When the Pastor saw Thor on the display he said "Hi Thor!"  

To which, Thor responded "Can I say Hi to my Grandpa, Rick Johnson?"  Everyone laughed at Thor calling me by my name.  He's a Scallywag - that one!

It was a beautiful day in Chicago with the sun out and temperatures in the low 70's.  Very unusual for this time of year.  Bryan, Sabrina, Thor & Ashton arrived first.  Ashton was so excited he ran into Grandma's arms for a quick hug.  Thor quickly hooked up with his favourite Uncle Brett. Jordan & Ben followed with Reese ecstatically thumping her tail against everyone as she mowed thru the crowd.

Brad & Tina drove in from a Wisconsin weekend with Tina's family and it was great to have everyone together.....

Of course Grandma had prepared Easter Baskets and Prezzies for our Grandsons, continuing her tradition of including toy weaponry in the Baskets that started way back in 1990 when Bryan & Ben's Easter Baskets included plastic AK-47's!   Ashton's highlight was many toy cars and a garden Wheelbarrow.  I can't remember what was in Thor's basket....

Kathy laid on a Spread like you wouldn't believe.   Despite being cautioned to "Please Limit The Appetizers!", alas she produced Chips, Dip, Cheeses, Sausage, Baby Quiches, Popcorn, Candies and her awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies.   

The main course was catered Buona Italian Beef sandwiches, accompanied by Kathy's Caesar Salad, Kathy's Cheesy Potatoes, Jordan's Mac 'n Cheese, Kathy's Deviled Eggs and who knows what else.   Spectacular.

For dessert, Kathy had prepared her special Dirt Cake that everyone launched into - especially Bradley.  If you left our house Hungry - you're a fool!

The climax to the afternoon was the all important Easter Egg Hunt.  Tina & Brad played the Easter Bunny and filled the Back Garden with 20 some plastic eggs, filled with Paper Bills, Coins and Candy.  

Thor, of course captured most of the Eggs, but that wee Ashton put up a respectable showing as well.   

Check out the Photos and  Video for all the action.

Kathy and I have been so blessed with our Family.


But the Real Story of this Day is The resurrection of our Savior. 

Christ is Risen!

He Is Risen Indeed!