With so much pride for his hard work and perserverance, we gathered to celebrate our Nephew

Jeff's DePaul Graduation Ceremony!

Jeff Gregorio is the son of my sister Laurie and Mike.  With the Pandemic still limiting large open gatherings, Laurie decided that her Jeff was going to walk down the aisle in his Cap and Gown in the side garden to accept his well earned diploma.   

So with the Boom Box playing Pomp & Circumstance, Jeff was awarded his diploma from a very, very proud, blubbering Mother. 

Jeff graduated Chicago's prestigious DePaul University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts In Film & Television with a concentration in Editing.  He is interning at Laurie's former workplace and has a bright future ahead of him.

Many of Jeff's relatives were proudly in attendance. Grandma Thrun was there just beaming. Sister Allison was there.  Mike's brother David's family was there.  

The Johnsons, Gallos and Perrymans were there. The Neighbors were there! All Cheering Jeff on!

After the festivities, Laurie announced a Big Baggo Tournament on the lawn that was won over 90 damn minutes later by Steve & Benjamin.  In Blazing hot sun, no less and delaying the dinner service so long that I was growing weak with Hunger Pangs.

So finally, Laurie laid on the spread and it was scrumptious.   Catered by Chicago favourite Portillo's, there were Italian Beef Sandwiches, Pasta, Chicken, Salads and tasty Deviled Eggs, complete with little Green Olive Slices on top.  Our Apetites Were Slayed!   

Dessert followed with Cupcakes and some delicious Apple Slices and some other things I guess.   Chief did all right. 

Make sure that you look through all the pictures as there were many very attractive ladies that were in attendance.  

Jeff We are So Proud Of you!

God Bless You on this great achievement!