We were honored to be invited to our lifelong friend Kathie Godfrey's

80th Birthday Bash!

On a beautiful August 14,  Kathie's Babe daughter Laura hosted a party at her home she shares with Stud hubby Chief Stelter in Villa Park.  It was attended by a bevy of Kathie & Ray's friends and family.

I have known Ray & Kathie since I was a kid  - as we went and still attend  - the same church in Rolling Meadows.  Ray helped me out of a difficult time in my early 20's when he offered me a job at a low time in my life that ended up being a huge turning point in my life.  My Kathy has enjoyed knowing them for our life together.   

The Godfrey's are the family we choose!

Highlight of the afternoon was when many of Kathie's Grandchildren gathered round and spoke of how much they loved her and how much she meant to them all.  Led off by Dr. Jacob and going out through Cutie Payton - well they were all just stellar.  Check out the video - but make sure you have a Hankie handy as you watch it.

Laura laid on a great set of appetizers, with plenty of refreshing beverages and the afternoon breezed by.  

Picture upper right is Kathie & Kathy upon our arrival.  Picture to the left is a great snap of Kathie and Ray as she sits on his lap during the Festa. Picture below is me with Ray and me with Kathie.

happy Birthday Kathie!

We Love You And Ray so very much!

God bless you both!