On a lovely Labor Day Sunday, Bryan & Sabrina had invited the family to their home in Antioch for an 

end of summer Party!

It was a beautiful Sept 5, so Kathy, I, Brett & Brad, drove up to Antioch to have a last fling in their pool - but most importantly to sample the delectable Brisket that Chef Bryan had prepared in his Smoker!

Bryan has become quite the "Chef of the Future" as he keeps the Costco Meat Case empty and his Home Smoker full!   Picture upper left shows Kathy & Bryan inspecting the Main Event - with Kathy pronouncing his efforts "Very Tasty!"  A compliment of the highest order - especially when she samples something she didn't cook!

Sadly Ben, Jordan & Christina could not make it and they were all sorely missed.  But their absence meant more BRISKET for us!

Thor & Ashton frolicked in the pool all afternoon while Sabrina, Bryan, Brett, Brad & Kathy followed them in to enjoy the refreshing respite. Thor took Grandma aside and warned her not to drink any Pool Water, as he had accidentally tinkled in there a couple weeks ago!    Thank you Thor!

The afternoon flew by as we called this extraordinary summer of 2021 to a close.

Thanks Bryan & Sabrina for putting on this Bash

Praise God for his many blessings!