Continuing Kathy's 60th Bday Month Celebrations, we took the Boys, the Daughters & sister Laurie  to see the Stones in

Nashville, Baby!

Thats right, down we all went for a long weekend  in the Country Music Capital of the world.  Staying just outside the Airport at the BW Glo, we had to straighten the clerk out about a few of the arrangements for the 5 rooms we booked - but finally got that sorted out after just a few threats & a couple menacing looks.

That 1st night, Kathy, Chief and I went to the famous Hattie B's to sample some of their tasty Southern Style Fried Chicken.  Well, lo & behold, I opted for their lowest Spice Level, described as "Warming Up" and about died - both that night eating it and the next morning eliminating it.  "Warming Up" my Ass - literally!

Next day, Brett wasn't feeling up to par so he stayed back at the hotel while the rest of us went to Kid Rock's on Broadway, where they have 5 floors of bands playing simultaneously.  It was raucous.  Got plenty of photos and video of Tina & Brad Dancing.


That night was the Concert so I went back to the Hotel to get a better feeling Brett and we walked around wild Broadway.   The others were at some other Honky Tonk, but they met us for a late afternoon dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe right on the Riverfront.  Got plenty of pictures there including some of a newly married couple who bristled when I snapped their picture.   Bryan warned me to mind my own business - but she looked like Elvira!  Oooops!

Following dinner, Laurie, Brett & I drove to the arena rather than walk across the Bridge - what a mistake!   

Took us 90 minutes to park while everyone else waited for us having walked the bridge in a snappy 20 minutes.  But we got to our Nose Bleed Seats in plenty of time and howled as the Stones opened with "Street Fighting Man" and just blistered on from there.  Brett especially loved it as he is my family soul mate in Classic Rock 'n' Roll and he was up singing most of the night.

The next day was Sunday, and Brett, Laurie, Bryan,  Sabrina & I headed home, while Ben, Jordan, Tina & Brad opted for another day of Country Music mayhem.   Kathy stayed an extra day as well as she jetted straight to Siesta Key from Nashville.

Well  that sure was a lot of action packed into 2 days & nights, but I for one absolutely loved having my family with me to see the Stones in what has to be one of their last few concerts.

Kathy's 60th Birthday Celebrations Continue! 


It's Only rock 'n Roll, but I like it


It's only my family, but I LOVE it!