On the eve of the Big Day, Brad & Christina, their Families, and the entire 25 strong Bridal Party gathered for the 

Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner!

Meeting at the Lakeside Pavilion of Marriott's Lincolnshire Resort, we quickly put the group through the key steps of the Wedding Ceremony scheduled on the morrow. 

 It went quite quickly as the entire Wedding Party were well-behaved, still sober, and not listening to any of that damn Rap Music that they all think is so good. 

We only ran through the rehearsal once and Tina decided we were expert enough  - so Southbound on Milwaukee Road we traveled, ending at the famous D'agostino's Pizzeria and commandeered their entire downstairs Banquet Hall for the Dinner.

Six tables were quickly filled with party goers and the Pizza and Beer started to flow. Tina's "Team Bride" staked out one table while Brad's Groomsmen claimed the table closest to the bar, with everyone else sprinkled round. 

I spent plenty of time at the Beck/Dentamaro table trying to show all of Christina's maternal relatives why I would make a fine Italian.   

I also didn't short-change Tina's Bridesmaids and spent plenty of time with them - that I'm sure they just loved. 

Tina & Brad gave her parents a two sided picture frame with an engagement photo of Brad & Tina alongside wedding photos of her parents, David & Jackie.  She gave the same to us, obviously with Katarina & my Wedding Picture.  It brought us all to tears.

Jackie Beck & Kathy huddled throughout the evening making sure all the last minute details were attended to. David & I just enjoyed ourselves and couldn't care less about the last minute details. 

Ringbearers Owen, Thor and Ashton played with some toys they got and they all quickly bonded like they'd been friends for 6 years rather than 6 minutes.  Flowergirl Emelia was as pretty as ever, seriously contemplating her obligations for the very next day.  

Make sure to listen to the Speeches as Sabrina kicked it off - having brought her own Microphone!

The Air was electric with the anticipation for Wedding Day

Less than 24 hours and Brad & Tina Would be married!

Praise God for all his blessings!