After 12 years of courting, 3 Pandemic postponements, a frantic move into their new residence just 2 days before the big day -  Finally on this June 11, 2021 it was

Brad & Christina's Wedding Day!

The day had finally arrived and it was worth every bit of the wait.  Look at the JOY in both their faces.   Oh, this was a celebration.

Wedding day dawned blisteringly hot for June, with a Wedding Time temperature climbing into the 90's for the outside, unshaded ceremony at Mariott's Lincolnshire Resort.  Humidity was off the charts too - but who cared?!? 

Pandemic constraints had pared the Guest List to 125, and of that number 22 of them were either Groomsmen or Bridesmaids.  That doesn't include the 3 Ring Bearers and the Flowergirl, Emelia!

Christina was absolutely stunning in her Wedding Dress. The Mothers of the Bride killed it too. Christina's mother Jackie was gorgeous in a snappy Grey number, Shown below left with her 2 sons, Michael & Christopher. Katarina glowed in her Blue dress trimmed in Aqua! She was so hot - she sizzled!  I couldn't keep my eyes off her.

Brett took most of the reception pictures - so thanks to you Brettie Boy.

The Wedding went off without a hitch, other than 2 minor miscues.   The first was a mis-pronounciation of Brad's name on my part and the second was Brad totally getting the wrong answer at question time during The Message!  

Alas, the throng broke into loud shouts of joy as they were Pronounced Husband & Wife!  As good as the Wedding was though - it didn't hold a candle to the Reception.

First off  Chicago Bulls announcer Ray Clay, Uncle to Tina, did the wedding party introductions.   It sounded like the final game of the NBA Finals....  "From Arlington Heights, Illinois, coming in a 2 Feet 11 inches is Flowergirl Emelia!"   It was spectacular!

Brides father David, had a very nice speech welcoming all and then it was on to the Best Men & Maids of Honor - All 6 of them- who toasted the Wedding couple with some lovely speeches.

Funny Story... Our eldest Bryan was one of the Groomsmen and is built like a balding, Kodiak Bear.  Well apparently, he self measured himself so he could phone in his measurements to the Tux place - saving himself a long trip from Antioch.  Well, of course Bryan measured it all wrong and had to stuff his Bear Like Body into a Tux that would be snug on RRR's jockey Eddie Perez!  How those buttons held is a Seamstress Miracle!      

A scrumptious Dinner was up to bat next.   I had the Chicken, Katarina had the Steak and a bunch of people had the smelly Salmon!  The dinner was proceeded by their famous Cream of Chicken soup covered with a pastry. Yummy.  However,  the salad was one of those ones that looked they stuck a bunch of weeds in there and I'm an Iceberg Lettuce Guy - So No Thank You!

Then the dance floor opened, and Christina never left it until the end of the Reception!  She literally danced the Night Away!  However, she suffered a multitude of injuries on the Dance Floor starting with multiple blisters on both of her wee, little kitten feet.   

Apparently, a Class 2 contusion appeared on her thigh  - source unknown, although it may have occurred when she was being launched to the rafters by the Groomsmen during one particularly spirited dance.  

Another Contusion, this one a Class 3 bruise complete with yellow edge discoloration I'm told, was discovered on the right side of her Bum - source again unknown!  

Finally, small surface cuts on both the left and right side of her lovely neck round out the Wedding Injury Report!  Apparently, Brad came away unscathed.

Tina also reported at the end of the night...  "My Wedding Dress is Trashed!"  I've never seen such action on a Dance Floor!   Ever!  

Kathy & I left at what was supposed to be the end of the Reception at 11:30 - however the Bash continued in the Bar complete with some relatives partying in their Silk Pajamas until daybreak.  Major Gallo misplaced his Sport Coat - but it showed up in one of the Groomsmen's bag and was promptly reunited with Johnny Boy. 

Apparently there is a photo of Brad sleeping - not with his new wife, mind you - but with a trash bag inches from his mouth!   These KIDS!

Bright and early, I took Brad and Tina - adorned in her "Wifey For Lifey" tank top, to O'Hare so they could catch their flight to Florida for some R&R.  They needed it!

Congratulations Brad & Tina On Your Wedding

God Bless you both!