Planning a quiet holiday with Kathy still on the mend, it turned into a 

Thanksgiving Full Of Surprises!

We had been planning a quiet affair with the Princess & me, Brett and maybe a couple of the other kids who had plans on their spouses side of the family.  But in the true spirit of Thanksgiving our home became full of family and friends!

Brett had asked if his friends Drew & Kayla could come over - so in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, we were happy to welcome them to the feast.  Ben, Jordan & Reese piled in after their dinner at Jordan's Mum & Dad's.  

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Bradley & Tina swung by after Auntie Angie's big Festa at her place.  

Lo and belold, our Brown Bear Bryan and wife Sabrina came by on their way home from her Mom's with those Rascal Grandsons in tow with them.  

Towards the end of the day Lovely Olivia, sister of Jordan, along with Liv's Stud Muffin Beau David, stopped by to bring us an apple pie - as a total surprise!

Made for a perfect Thanksgiving! 

Anyone that watches Kathy when she hosts Thanksgiving - knows that she makes enough food for a small Army.   

It was extra good this year, with Twin Turkey Breasts, Potatoes - both Mashed and Sweet, Corn Casserole, Beans, her patented Almond Strawberry Jello, Award Winning Stuffing that could be the best she ever produced, concluding with some rather lackluster Dinner Rolls - something to improve upon next year. 


Ashton, quickly found his toy Megaphone and made LOUD and EXTENDED use of that toy.   

Thor challenged Bradley to some Bare Chested Wrestling - tho they decided to keep their Shirts on as it was a little nippy in the Sports Room. Reese tail thumped everyone as we watched the football & Paw Patrol and just had a beautiful afternoon! 

Ben capped the day off suggesting a rollicking game of Hattie's Pollyanna.  Tina & I versus Ben & Jordan.   Great Grandmother Hattie Rose Marie Rudd, watching from Heaven, would have been disappointed that we did not wager, none of us were smoking, no one was drunk, and there was far too little profanity shouted out during gameplay.    As usual, the game was decided with both teams rolling back and forth for the victory.   Tina & Rick prevailed, even with Thor helping Ben roll the Dice.

Thanks to Princess Kathy for all the work she did

Praise God For His Many Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving to All!