On A Glorious May 2 afternoon, and after 3 re-schedules due to the Pandemic, the day had finally arrived for Bride-To-Be Christina's Magical

Princess Bridal Shower! 

Christina, as all know, is the fiancee of our youngest Son Bradley.  A couple since 2010, Brad had popped the question at Disney World in 2019 - with plans for the big wedding in June 2020.  Alas, Covid-19 had other thoughts.   

The Party was hosted by the Johnson sisters, Laurie, Jean & Nancy, at Old Orchard Country Club in Prospect Heights.  The girls had been absolutley salivating planning the Bridal Shower of Christina's dreams. They quicky adopted a Disney Princess them - as they knew Christina would LOVE IT.  Every detail from the Disney Princess theme, to the Disney themed Games, to the Disney themed decorations - even to the Disney themed music playing in the background - all delighted Christina.

Four full tables were packed with Family & Friends.  Christina's Grandmother was there, along with my Mom from Florida, many of Christina's cousins, most of the Bridesmaids were there,  all anchored by the Mother of the Bride Jackie, and the Mother of the Groom, Kathy.  Christina, absolutely radiant, was quickly adorned with her own "Bride To Be" Tiara, with all the guests sporting Mini Tiara's as part of Tina's court!

Laurie kicked off the proceedings by welcoming everyone, making introductions and immediately launched into the 1st game which was some sort of Scratch Off Game - winners of which were allowed to visit the Breathtaking Princess Garden to pick out their own potted Petunia.  Lovely! 

The next game was a Puzzle Game - where each table raced to put together a Disney Puzzle.  Unbelievably it finished in a tie.  But alas, the Sisters had forseen this possibility and had procured enough Petunia's to ensure that all the Winners could again visit the Breathtaking Princess Garden to claim yet another damn Petunia -  potentially averting a donnybrook emerging between the new families.  Well Planned GIrls!       

A Cell Phone game was next up to bat - won by Jordan Johnson.  Alas, her gift was not from the Breathtaking Princess Garden, but a Palm Tree Solar Powered light.  But as she accepted her Palm Tree, I could see her wistfully glancing over to the Breathtaking Princess Garden for a Petunia just screaming her name.   But it was not to be. 

Exhausted from the Games, mercifully Lunch was served consisting of a Splendid Medley of 3 salads - Chicken Salad, Fruit Salad & Pasta Salad.  I can't think of a single man ever eating something like this - but the ladies attacked it like they hadn't eaten in Days.  Yummy.

Following Lunch, who shoud arrive but the Groom himself!   Dr. Bradley Robert Kennedy Eisenhower Johnson, strode in all tan,  buffed & body shaved and immediately tended to each & every edict Christina issued as this was HER day! 

The next order of business was assaulting the mountain of Gifts atop the Princess Gift Table.  Christina & Brad were seated at center stage and over the next hour opened all the gifts from the crowd.  My favourite was the Snow White Apron for BRADLEY.   He tried to look a little irritated by the gift, but you could tell he was itching to get home and slip it on for the rest of the week. 

Christina got tons of stuff for their home, Towels, Cookware, Custom Afghan, Lounge Chairs, Apron, Wine Accessories & the like. Most of the gifts created a tear or two in Christina's eyes - but she cracked on like a Champion.

As  the Party was winding down, many made sure they ravaged the Princess Cupcake table for a sweetie or two.  Also, the Princess Punch Table got hit pretty hard as well, as these girls had worked up quite a thirst across the afternoon.  

Thanks to Laurie, Jean & Nancy For Throwing Christina The Party of her dreams! 

God Bless Christina & Bradley In their Life together.

Thanks be to god for bringing these two together!