On a Warm, Breezy May 22nd, and just 20 days before the Big Day, Christina's Family hosted an awesome 

Couples Wedding Shower

for Brad & Christina at Crystal Lake's Three Oaks Park.   Christina's family turned out en masse to jubiliantly celebrate the upcoming wedding - thrice cancelled due to the Pandemic!

Christina's cousins Marissa, Danielle & Breanna planned & kicked off the proceedings by Welcoming All and immediately played a game where Christina & Brad were asked to remember certain events in their courtship.

Christina comes from a large, tight family.  On her Dad David's side, his Parents, Brother and Sisters families were there and were so nice and welcoming.  We had met some of them before and they are truly great people.

And on Christina's Mothers side, this band of Happy Italians are Fun, Loving and simply Spectacular.  Christina's Grandmother "Nana" was just beaming with happiness all day.   

Christina's Mom Jackie, along with sister Angie, the Cousins, & The Beck's had planned and organized the entire afternoon and it was a party to remember.  They were kind enough to invite Kathy & I and I am sorry I didn't get all the names to record them here.

The Bridesmaids were there in force, supporting Christina throughout the day.  Other friends of the family were there, making the day one to remember.

There were many highlights, but the best had to be the surprise arrival of Mickey & Minnie Mouse towards the end of the Party.  Anyone that knows Christina will know that she loves ALL things Disney - especially Minnie.  

Christina has been known to wear her Mouse Ears at any occasion and you will all remember that they became engaged at the foot of Cinderella's castle At Disney World.

Lunch was catered and was delicious.  The cake was especially tasty and the musician that played all afternoon did a great job. 

Another Highlight was watching little 6 year old Owen, one of the ringbearers with our Thor & Ashton, hand out tasty desserts from a serving cart he wheeled round the crowd.  Some corrupting influence, (yours truly),  gave little Owen a Dollar for his service and soon after little Owen had completed his rounds, he had a tidy sum to stick in his Piggy Bank. 

Kathy & I know it is nothing short of a blessing from Our Lord that Brad has found a partner in Christina. 

And seeing the great woman that Christina has become is a direct result of being raised in such a loving family.

Thanks to all for this great party!

God Bless the Entire Beck family!

God Bless Brad & Christina on Wedding Day minus 20!