On a lovely July Summer Night it was off to Randy & Nancy's to celebrate

Tyler's 20th Birthday! 

The party actually was on the eve of his actual Birthday and drew families from both the Perryman and Johnson side.  Randy's brother John and wife Debby had their sons John along with Eric's family.   

On the Johnson side, The Dowager Chief Laurie assumed command over the field with her son Jeff.  Kathy and 3 of our 4 boys were there with Thor in tow who played all the evening with cousin Dylan.

Ryan & Jaclyn, sporting a quickly recovering Tommy Glasgow, were also in attendance.  Apparently Tommy had been partying pretty hard before the Big Bash and struggled a bit on the ride in with Jaclyn's Stop 'n' Start driving.  But he rallied quickly, lest he fall out of favor with Jaclyn's Uncle Rick.    

Perryman nephew Seth was there and also Tyler's Babe Girlfriend, Jill.  She was a little tardy to the Party as apparently she was having difficulties selecting just the right ensemble.   We were informed after she arrived -  that after all her deliberations - she ended up selecting the 1st number she looked at.

Nancy laid on a full spread of Snacks, Sandwiches, Salads & Cakes which were truly scrumptious.   Outside there were several Bag Games ongoing while everyone rejoiced with Tyler's upcoming Birthday.

Happy Birthday And God Bless My Godson Tyler!

We Love you very Much!