Finally, the long awaited Wedding Extravaganza was upon us.... 

Meghan & Jayson Are Married!  Again!

Our beloved nephew Jayson, and his wife Meghan, have the most extraordinary Wedding Tale of all time.  You see, Jayson and his lovely bride Meghan were planning on having their BIG Wedding Splash in 2020 - until Covid appeared.  Then no one could travel, no one could congregate, nobody could touch each other, everything went on lockdown.    

Undaunted, Meghan & Jayson decided they were still going to get married.  So they were the 1st ones I ever heard of who got a Wedding License issued for a Virtual ZOOM wedding, which I officiated on May 16, 2020.

But the plan had always been that when this damn Pandemic subsided, to have a BIG Wedding Splash in Meghan's hometown in Detroit.  

So on May 14, 2 years minus 2 days, that dream finally came true in a fairy tale wedding at the prestigious Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit.  Over 150 family members and friends attended the spectacular event.  Since I hadn't totally bungled the ZOOM Wedding, I was again asked to officiate the wedding, which I was honored to do.

So here's how it all went down.  On the eve of the Wedding Day, following the rehearsal in the Bride & Groom's Suite at the Shinola, Jayson's parents, Jay & Val hosted a dinner at Jacoby's, the oldest German restaurant and Beer Hall in all of Detroit.   We feasted on German delicasies and put away the Beer well into  the evening.

On Wedding Day, the ceremony was at 5:30PM at the Shinola Event Center with the reception following at the same locale. Most touching point of the WHOLE ceremony was when Jayson first saw his Bride on the arm of her father coming up the aisle.  He was just overcome with emotion and happiness.   When the entire room saw Jayson's reaction, everyone- including me - started crying as well.  It was beautiful.  The ceremony went off without a hitch - WHEW - and it was time for the reception.

The reception was SPLENDID! Great food, plenty to drink, great speeches, it was in a word, SPLENDID!  Meghan's family are all so nice and welcoming.   Just an idlylic day. 

On the Sunday, Meghans parents hosted a goodbye Brunch that saw just as many people turn up who had been at the wedding.  Thanks to all for such a great weekend.

Picture upper left is of the Happy Couple.  Picture mid left is Jayson's parents Jay and Val.   Jay is Princess Kathy's oldest brother.  Picture mid right is a beauty of Godmother Kathy with The Groom.  Picture just to the right is Brad and Christina with their new friends Madison & Jeff - who are to be married this coming July.   Make sure to look at all the pictures.

God Bless Jayson and Meghan in their life together!

thanks be to god for all his many blessings.

what a future these two have in front of them!