On a overcast March 25, Kathy & I were off to the late afternoon wedding of 

Sean And Emily!

Sean is the lifelong friend of second son Ben, having grown up just down the street from us on Stratford.  Ben was proud to be named co-Best Man along with with the 3rd member of this buddies Troika - Weston.  Ben's wife, Jordan - a full 8 and and 1/2 months pregnant, was the co-Maid of Honor for lovely Emily. 

They were married at a venue in East Dundee, IL named Brix.  The Bride was absolutely radiant and Sean looked pretty good too as you can see from the snap I took after the ceremony.   

The Wedding Couple had been dating a few years and it was no surprise when they announced their engagement.  The speeches were superb, with Emily's father welcoming all and talking about how much he loved his daughter - while welcoming Sean into the family.   

Jordan's speech was great - tho Kathy & I and Jordan's parents Jon & Susan were relieved she didn't go into Labor before the end!  She looks ready!

Ben and Weston did great with their speeches as well.  You can also see that the boys are quite close from the photo below.   But fear not - they all have found great wives, who put up with their shenanigans and are quite close too.

Probably the most touching point of the evening was when Sean & Emily had their 1st dance.  Apparently in Emily's family there is a tradition of choreographing the first dance.  

So Emily's grandmother taught the couple their dance over the last few months and just beamed when Sean and Emily pulled it off beautifully.   Make sure to look at the video. 

Congratulations Sean & Emily

Thanks for including us!

God Bless you both!