You see I got a wife, and I've got these sisters and I've got a cousin who should have been a sister....    And they thought it would be the night of their life to go see...

Tom Jones In Concert!

The Welsh Sex Bomb, now 82, and not really able to stand much anymore, played to a sold out Chicago Theater this Sept 27, 2022.  On the main level, Laurie, Nancy, Debbie & The Princess Kathy sang, danced and swooned to all of Tom's classics.  

If you can believe it, ladies still rush the stage to fling their panties at Tom, just like they did during his variety show back in 1968!  Now, Kathy claims all of our girls returned home with their Panties.  Hmmmm.... I wonder????

Taking the train into The City, Kathy, Laurie And Nancy met Debbie and together they noshed at Petterinos - Some restaurant close to the theater.  Then it was off to the Show. 

Hobbling out to the stage with the aid of his Walking Stick, Tom explained that on the eve of his tour in America, his UK Dr told him he needed a Hip Transplant.  But Tom said, "But I Must Go To America!"   So seated comfortably in a chair, Tom belted out all the classics that had the Ladies squealing in pleasure all night.  What A Showman!

Glad the Girls Had A Great Time!

Way To Go Tom - Still Wowing Them At 82!