Babies, Blessings & Love abounded as we enjoyed a 

Joyous Family Christmas!

On a dreary December 10, the entire family gathered at Sister Nancy's house to celebrate the Holiday.  

My Mom, all her Children, all her Grandchildren and all her Great Grandchildren - were on hand for the very first time.  The ages spanned from Mom's sprightly 87 to the youngest baby Calvin Takashi, clocking in at 8 months.  Picture right is Mom with her grandchildren.

 Nancy had pulled out all the stops with this year's dinner.   Ham Waddam, Brown's Fried Chicken, a spread of vegetables that would have made Rayoma blush, coupled with all the side dishes you could imagine. 

Scrumptious, Delectable, Succulent and Splendid!

Mom, Sister Jean along with her bonehead Husband Steve came up from Fla. 

Jean & Steve's sons John & Scott were up from California & Nevada with their families.  John's wife Brittney and their cutie daughter Brynn made their first appearance to the extended family.  Brynn is a doll. It had been a long time since we had seen Scott & Nina.  Enchanting!  

Ben & Jordan's newborn Calvin wowed the crowd as he couldn't stop smiling - and NEVER cries!  Calvin and Brynn had a great time sporting their marching T-Shirts proclaiming "1st Christmas Ever" .  What will these 2 see during their life?

Every family member based in Chicagoland had reported for duty.  It was MAGICAL.  

Check out the photo right of Mom with Thor & Ashton and Brynn & Calvin with their Moms Brittney & Jordan. Photo below is of all of us - except me - the photog. 

Many thanks to Nancy & Randy for all their work hosting this Bash!  I can't remember a better Family Christmas.

The Cousins shared their annual ritual of the Secret Santa gift exchange.  I video taped all of it - so take a look and enjoy.  All had just a great time and we all just reflected and gave thanks for 

The Blessing of our Family 

Merry Christmas all

Christ our savior is born, Christ our savior is born