Over to Ben and Jordan's to join her family to celebrate 

Calvin's First Christmas!

On this Christmas Day it was still Oh So Frigid.  As it fell on a Sunday, Kathy, Brett & I were off to Ben & Jordan's after Church with Brunch goodies that The Princess had made along with a barrage of presents for Calvin that eclipsed any family record Grandma had ever set  previously. 

Jordan's spectacular family were there as well, including Jon & Susan - her Mom & Dad.  Brother Zach and his wife Alyssa along with sister Olivia with fiance David were also there.  

Midway during the day Jon had went to pick us his mother Carolyn and she brightened the party even more!   Even Brad & Tina were able to stop by before they were headed off to her family's Christmas Do.  Picture right shows a smiling Calvin Takashi, wearing some lovely Yukon Gold Potatoes!

Jordan laid on a spread that could have fed the neighborhood, anchored by her Mom's Ham Sammies, Kathy's French Toast Casserole, & Jordan's Cheezy Potato Dish - that was as moist as the bottom of Niagara Falls.  YUMMY. 

We all gawked at the size of Olivia's diamond in her engagement ring, and ensured David knew that he had landed the catch of his lifetime - our beautiful Olivia.  

Alyssa regaled us with news of her Royal travels halfway around the world, while Brettie Boy made sure there were plenty of pictures taken of that rascal Calvin.  

The day was highlighted by the endless barrage or presents for our beautiful Calvin - adorned festively in his latest - and last - helmet.

But another highlight of the day was a wickedly spirited game of Pollyanna, featuring Olivia & I versus Ben & David.  Olivia & I were in a horrible position with David already home and Ben needing just a single Snake Eye to win the game - with Ovilia & I still having 4 pawns on the board.   

Well, if you can believe it, Ben after at least, 8 throws couldn't produce an ace at all and it came down to me needing a 3 & a 5 on my dice to win the game for Olivia & I.  

So I paused & called upon Hattie Rose Marie Witt Rudd herself to deliver a heavenly Eighter From Decatur - AND SHE DID!  I've never seen a comeback like that in my entire Pollyanna Game Life.  Olivia & I were jubilant as we divied up the 28 Cent Pot!  Ben & David were speechless & crushed. 

Picture above left are loving parents of Ben & Jordan holding their Cherub, Calvin.  Picture all the way on the bottom is Jordan's entire family.

Boxing Day

On the 26th, Brad & Tina came over to our house to open their presents from us - all wrapped in a stylish, leather Arlington Park Duffle bag that I had grossly overpaid for on the Arlington Park Auction Website.  

It was filled with goodies and treasures that took Tina & Brad's breath away.  We visited and chatted for a couple hours and brought a close to the 2022 Christmas festivities!

A Blessed Christmas with our Family!

Thanks be to God For all his many blessings!

christ our savior is born!  Christ Our Savior Is Born!