Traditions old & new marked a frigid 2022

Christmas Eve

for the Johnson's.  'Twas the start of a busy couple days celebrating the Birth Of Christ with the High Temperature at -1 Farenheight! Brrrrr.

Earlier in the day, Bryan, Sabrina, Thor & Ashton stopped by for the annual Present Barrage orchestrated by Santa Kathy round our Christmas Tree. 

Santa brought Thor (7) a number of great gifts - but was so happy to see that they included Books, a Science Experiment lab and other things beyond the usual Toy upon Game upon Toy.   Ashton (3) DID receive the blizzard of Toy upon Game upon Toy that he went wild about.  Picture Upper right shows Ashton showing his dad his new Super Mario Boat!  Sabrina was thrilled too!  Bryan and Sabrina loved their own gifts all contained within a beautiful, one of a kind, leather Arlington Park Duffel Bag!

Jay & Val's

No Christmas Eve would be complete without the gathering of the Batz side of the family at their house.  Excepting the Pandemic, this celebration has been going on annually nigh onto 30 years. Even longer before Jay joined the Weeden family.

Jay & Val laid on the usual scrumptious spread, showcased by Val in picture upper left. Ham, Potato Sausage, Herring (Ughh), Cheezy Potatoes, Jan's Deviled Eggs, Beans, Mac 'n Cheese, Jello and a Dessert Tray that spiked my A1C 4 points!

It was great to congratulate new College Graduate Corey.  It was lovely to welcome Meghan, Jayson's just lovely wife, Jameson's latest daughter Eleanor, and Jordan & Ben's baby boy, Calvin Takashi to the festivities!  

All our boys and families were able to come and our little Calvin was held aloft and passed round by most everyone.  

Little Eleanor could not be more cuter and it was a joy to see Lane & Jameson's family celebrate Christmas.

Kelsey had flown in from Denver, Meghan was able to join us this year - as most years she had been with her family in Hockeytown.   Val's parents looked great and were just beaming the whole night as they surveyed their family.

Jan expressed a desire to go to London to see the Cubs this summer!  How can I turn down any opportunity to show off my favourite city!  Time to explore that.

Many thanks to Jay & Val who go through an enormous amount of work to stage this annual Extravanganza! 

Merry Christmas To All!