With Kathy at my side, we attended the last Boler Board Meeting before I totally retired, where again I say as I did in 2020 when I retired from Hendrickson,

This is the greatest 

company I have ever worked for!  Part II

Recapping the plot, I had worked for Hendrickson as the VP of IT from 2005 until my retirement at the end of 2020.  Prior to my retirement, I was asked if I would be willing to work a couple more years at The Boler Company - parent company to Hendrickson - to setup their own IT function.  

It was easy to agree because of my respect and feelings for the entire Boler family, their CFO (now COO) Warren, and ultimately their CEO Matt.

this family owned business is a blessing to any and all who work for them 

So during the week of Feb  20th, all the Boler & Hendrickson staff, along with spouses/partners, jetted down to the Bonita Springs Hyatt for the February Board Meeting. 

This Board meeting has always been an annual treat for Kathy & I.  Kathy has become great friends with many in the entire group.  She looks forward to this week as much as I do.

One of the traditions during the week is having dinner at the Boler's own restaurant in Sanibel - named Cielo.  Prior to the dinner CEO Matt asked me if we would sit at his table along with his wife Christine.  It was an honour to do so.   

After dinner, Matt stood and made some remarks as he usually does.  But he also called me up to mark my retirement and present me with an absolutely stellar gift - a Photo Safari where you pick a locale in a part of the world of your choosing - where you go for a week and get onsite expert photo instruction!  I can't think of a more thoughtful and exciting gift!  

I was overwhelmed!

Matt asked if I wanted to say anything and I had the presence of mind to call Kathy up with me as I said a few lame things.  She has been my partner through all of this and deserves more credit than I do.  I thanked everyone and looked back on my time with Boler/Hendrickson as a Blessing From God.  I even invoked the name of Pete Conrad, third astronaut to WALK on the moon as someone that set an example for me of how you should conduct your work life.  Be Dead Competent & HAVE FUN!

A little side story, that for me, tells me everything you need to know about this company....    When I reported for work at The Boler Company, I was aware that at the HQ, you didn't hang posters of the Great General Charley romping down the stretch like I had on my office wall at Hendrickson.  The offices are decorated tastefully - befitting a Corporate Headquarters environment.   

Well what do I find when I walk into my new office?  A 4 foot high framed picture of Mick Jagger, belting out a classic from 1972!  This was an awesome welcome gift from Judy Boler McCormack daughter of company founder John Boler!  She knew how much I love the Stones (as she does Springsteen) and went totally out of her way to make me feel welcome.  This is an example of the type of family the Boler's are!

On the last night of the meeting we had a dinner onsite at the Hotel.  It was the last time I would be with all of these workmates - now close friends.  I even got a last picture with my Hendrickson mates shown mid right.  

Picture up top is at Cielo with CEO Matt & his wife Christine.   Picture above left is our table on this final night.    Picture left is me with Warren.  Great friends all.

When I retired fom Hendrickson in 2020, I put up a web page headlined with 

"This is the Company I Work For - Part I"  

I named it Part I because I knew there would be a Part II working directly for The Boler Company.

And what I wrote then is still true now.  Working for this company has been nothing short than a blessing from God.   And one of his best blessings at that.  I am forever grateful and thankful for this time with them and I

Praise God For Blessing me with my time at The  Boler Company!


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