On a cold, raw, and even snowy April 22nd, the hottest ticket in town was to 

Calvin Takashi's 1st Birthday Bash!

That's right, our little cherub, who in his 1st year on this earth has still yet to fuss, cry or wail - was the center of attention at his inaugural Birthday Party held at Wrigley Field West,  Cal's home in Carol Stream, IL.   

Cal's parents, Jordan and Ben, pulled out all the stops as they hosted a Cubs themed party, complete with Ivy on the walls and a Birthday Cake in the shape of a giant Baseball!

Most everyone was adorned in their best Cubs gear - with the exception of that rascally Uncle Zach who dared to wear his White Sox kit to the Festa. Where were the Umpires to EJECT HIM?!?

Jordan laid on a Baseball feast of epic proportions - leading off with Red Hots and Hamburgers - all catered from Portillo's. Stadium Nachos, with Fiery Hot Jalapeno's, batted Cleanup making it a true Ball Park experience.  

Popcorn, Chips and even a massive Fruit Tray supported the Red Hots beautifully.    Baseball themed Cake Pops rounded out the lineup and were a favourite of the many kids who celebrated Cal's big day!

Attendance at the bash was strictly limited to 40 people - disappointing the thousands more who coveted a ticket in vain.  Jordan's side of the family were there in abundance with Beautiful, Beaming, Betrothed Olivia leading the Jones delegation.   Greatgrandmother Jones threw out the First Pitch - err Kiss - to her Great Grandson kicking off the day.  

The Johnson's were well represented excepting Sabrina - off on a Ladies Retreat, and Brett who had to work.  Ben and Jordan had also invited many friends along with many of their youngsters making it a great Game no matter what your age is!

Check out all the pictures and video.   

Happy Birthday Calvin!

God Bless You! 

We Love You So Much!

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