On a sundrenched Saturday afternoon, on this July 29th, the Party of the Summer unfolded in the Back Garden of Randy & Nancy's Palatine home.

Because it was time to celebrate the Engagement of 

Tom & Jaclyn!

Jaclyn, beautiful daughter of my sister Nancy and her husband Randy, became engaged to long time beau Tommy Glassgow earlier this year.  

In fact, after he secured a "Yes" to his proposal, that very night Tommy whisked our Jaclyn off to a short Holiday in London!  WOW!   (Side Note....   Given my love for London, I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't been included on the trip - but C'est La Vie!)

So both families came together to toast the young couple as they plan their wedding and life together. 

Tommy's family is Splendid, Indeed.  His parents Matt and Ann are so very nice and so easy to talk with.  His sister Katie is a Joy and Grandma is Stellar as well.  

Even though many were meeting for the 1st time, within minutes it seemed like we were all longtime friends, giddy with excitement at the impending nuptials.

On our side of the family we were represented by Laurie's family, Jean & Steve, and of course Nancy's troop too.  Sadly, Kathy & Brett were under the weather so they couldn't come.  Ben, Jordan and Baby Cal arrived and Calvin stole the show with his new Cubby Blue Glasses.  

On Randy's side, brother John & Debbie were there along with their Lauren and her beau.  

Seth was there along with Debbie's sister Kathy and hubby making it quite the group.  Picture upper right shows em all!  

As usual Nancy laid on a scrumptious feast keeping all the local caterers in Palatine busy.  The dessert table was  overrun with Goodies, highlighted by a Cake baked by Tom's mom Ann, which would have beat Bobby Flay on his own show.  Check out the snap of the table before it was ravaged.  

Finally, towards the end of the evening as the Party was winding down, Tom's dad Matt came up to me with a Baseball.   He asked if I would give this to Baby Cal, who had already retired for the evening.   Matt works part time for the Cubs.   The baseball was from one of the latest Cub Games, that had been game used by All Star Pitcher Drew Smyley in his last outing!   

If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about The family Jaclyn is marrying into, well I can't help you. 


Thanks Randy & Nancy for the great party!

God Bless Jaclyn & Tom! 


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