Honouring our promise to go back to Los Angeles 20 years later, Brad & I were off to Hollywood to revisit

Curly Howard's Grave!

Stand by, this isn't as macabre as it may appear. On the weekend of Feb 6, Brad & I jetted off to the West Coast for a quick 3 day visit jam packed with hijinx only the two of us would find fun. 

A bit of background....   All the boys & I have enjoyed the Three Stooges for as long as I can remember.   And Curly was always the BEST. 

During a family vacation to Las Vegas & Hollywood in 2002, then 9 year old Bradley had begged me to take him to see Curly Howard's grave, after I had told him that I had stopped by to pay my respects on a work trip in the early 90's.    

So in 2002, Bradley & I visited his grave, with Brad having brought Curly a cup of ice - remembering the Great Stooges short where they were Icemen.  As Brad placed the cup of Ice on Curly's grave, he said to me "Wouldn't it be something if we came back in 20 years and the cup was still here - even though the ice would have melted?"  

Well, it's Now  20 years later - so here we are! 

 Recapping the trip, we fly out Saturday morning, rent a car and make a beeline for the Cemetary in a challenging section of East LA.

Alas, it is the Sabbath Day and  the cemetary is closed - just like it was 20 years ago when we first tried to pass thru the gates. You'd have thought I would have remembered.

So we happen upon a Hollywood Sports bar where we watch Beastified Lebron James and his Lakers get drubbed by the Pelicans.

Later that evening on Hollywood Boulevard, we take in a LowRider car show right on the streets.   These Bouncy Buggies were spectacualar.  

On Sunday morning, we hotfoot it back to the Cemetary right as the gates open and make a mad dash to Curly's Grave.  Brad finds it- I'm proud to say- and we reminisce about the great laughs Curly gave us.  

This time we brought a Pecan Pie, fresh from Ralph's grocery store and Brad left that exactly where he had placed the cup of ice 20 years ago.    Magnificent!  Why  a Pie?  Well, think about it!

Then we headed towards Arcadia to watch a day of racing at beautiful Santa Anita racetrack.  But before we hit the track we breakfasted at Denny's where we were tempted by the "Moon Over My Hammy's" just like Lupe had dished them up the last time.  

The racetrack was beautiful and we had a great day, even though neither of us turned a profit. On the way out we hit the Jack In The Box for some gourmet Taco's and Onion Rings, eating with the backdrop of the Santa Anita Mountains in the distance.

All to quickly, Monday was upon us and time to head home from our whirlwind Trip!

It was great to see Curly, But The Real Treat

Was Just being with Brad.

Praise God For His Many Family Blessings

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!