On a hot summer August 11th, who could resist the chance to see for One, Last, Time

The Boss In Concert!

That's right, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played a sold out Wrigley Field and watching along with the multitude were The Chief, The Princess & The Chump (Laurie, Kathy and Yours Truly)

The evening started on a shaky footing as Laurie complained about our dinner agreement - Hackneys in Glenview - which was directly in line to The Skokie Swift, which was to be our train ride to the stadium. Kathy, The Puppet, agreed immediately with her.

As I stewed about this last minute change to our culinary venue, I tried to find another "Suitable" restaurant for these two clowns, but alas none were available without an extremely long wait. 

 So The Twin Dowagers begged me to go back to Hackneys - which I grudgingly complied with - after a 30 minute hit to our timetable. 

The Red Line L Train dropped us off steps from Wrigley Field and we strolled into the concert as The Boss was ripping into his 2nd number "No Surrender".

For the next 2 and a half hours we listened to many of Bruce's Hits but the Encore was where they shined.  An Avalanche of Anthems closed out the Encore starting with "Born To Run, Glory Days, Rosalita, Dancing In The Dark, and Tenth Avenue Freeze Out"!

We were as exhausted as Bruce was following that Volley!

We then hotfooted it back to the Train, only to discover that it was shut down due to an electrical fire.  Chief commandeered an off the clock Uber and he whisked us away to the Skokie Swift terminal at only 12 times what our Train Fare was - THAT WE HAD ALREADY PAID! 

But what a night. At 73, seems unlikely that Bruce will tour again, and me, Kathy and Laurie aren't 24 anymore!  

So this will most probably be the last time we see them - and what a show he put on!  

All Hail The Boss, because

Tramps Like Us, Baby We were Born To Run!


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