I couldn't believe it when Trainer Jimmy Gulick called me to say,

"We're Running At Saratoga!" 

That's right racing fans, you heard that right, we were going to The Spa, Saratoga Race Track in upstate New York to run our filly Talkin Tipsy in the  Smart N Fancy - a Listed Stakes sprint on the Turf.

I had been in Florida preparing to come home when I got the news.  So I quickly rerouted my travel plans to get my Chiseled Ass out to Albany, NY.   Got a rental car and a hotel room and headed out to the Spa for Raceday!   I had a ton of things to do before we raced.

I arrived in Saratoga Springs, and was directed to the Car Park where I could park to go get my NY Racing License.   After I backed the rental hard into a tree in the Car Park, I entered the hallowed grounds and found the racing office, where I took out my NY Racing License complete with ink pad fingerprints.  I then hit the Gift Shop to get some goodies for the Princess, as she was back in Illinois.  I missed her.

We had drawn a very short field of six that had scratched down to 4.  I love short Fields.  However the other 3 remaining mules were all BEARS and they were the reason the other 2 had scratched.   We drew the outside post and were on the turf - which was soft from the rain.   

Before the race I went to the Paddock and met Jimmy's wife Carla and together we went in.  It was magnificent.  Talkin Tipsy looked great and soon we spied jockey Julien Leparoux striding over wearing the magnificent Princess Kathy silks. I was all Atwitter!

We followed Tipsy out to the track and went up to the box to watch the race.  Dressed-To-Kill Babes flanked me right & left and  NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman was in the Box in front of me - all cheering on our Tipsy!

Tipsy broke well, even though she got pushed hard to the outside as she let the gate.  She settled in nicely and was going real well into the turn.  However, she just couldn't keep up with these BEARS in the race and finished a beaten fourth.  Julien said that she didn't handle the soft turf well.  (I wish I had a hair follicle for every jockey over the last 19 years that has told us that excuse. I'd look like Cousin IT of the Addams family)

Would have been nice to get a piece of the money - but 4th place at Saratoga pays like a winner at Tampa Bay - so I was happy with her performance.  

She came through the race fine and is headed back to Colonial Downs until she ships back to Florida. 

What an Experience!  The Spa!

Thanks Jimmy And Talkin Tipsy!