On a mild February 24, Kathy & Laurie put together an extended family dinner held at the world famous Hackney's Restaurant on Lake St in Glenview, for the express purpose of awarding the 

2024 Aunt Joyce Award!

More on the award later.....   A Full Field of 17 were entered in this Family Derby, anchored by Odds-On favourite Aunty Joyce herself.  From our family, The Princess, Brett & Brad were saddled.  

The Perryman's produced their entire stable including future bride groom Tommy Glasgow, who is still just silly giddy from APPARENTLY winning lovely Jaclyn's hand.  (Remember Tommy be on your best behavior as you are not yet wed - scheduled this coming October)  

Debbie and Galway's proud son Aiden were there along with their strapping lad, Michael. Their angelic daughter Katherine attended via FaceTime call from Denver - where she was outdoor grilling with her beau, Austin.  The Dancing Rabbits, Jeff and Vicky commanded the center of the table, while the field was rounded out by longshot The Chief - sister Laurie.   Whew, t'was bunch!

After all arrived, we were seated in our own private room - atop the entire restaurant.  Immediately the Hackney's signature dish - Onion Loaves, were ordered from the hapless waiter and directed that they be prepared "Debbie's Style"!  

That is Crispy, Loose, and without any Slimy White Bits. The 4 Loaves were delivered perfectly and were immediatey dispatched with alacrity. 

Debbie was awarded the prime seat next to Aunt Joyce where they reminisced as they had not seen each other in over a decade or two.  Jaclyn oversaw all the young bucks over on the kids side of the table.  The room was raucous with chatter until the meal arrived.  Then silence. 

Finally after the dinner it was time to conduct the true family business - expertly handled by Laurie in her shimmering, glittery, enticing, fetching new top.  In a five minute speech she detailed the origins of the Aunt Joyce Award - Past Winners, The Nomination Process, The Judging Process and finally announced the 2024 Award Winner - Randy Perryman! 

Watch the video for all the details of Randy's heroic deeds that secured him this exclusive, coveted award.  Picture top right is the Perryman clan posing with Aunty Joyce and the trophy bearing her name.  Middle left is Debbie and Aunt Joyce connecting after many years, and picture mid right is the sisters figthing over the attentions of that Irish Stallion, Aiden.  I tell you - it's the quiet ones that always get the Babes! 

At the close of the evening & in true Aunt Joyce fashion, Aunty gave each of the ladies a charming spring flower keepsake as a memento. Lovely! 

What a great night with family!

god has blessed us with this group!

Congratulations to Randy On Winning The Aunt Joyce Award! 


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