This site is a tribute to my father, 

Richard John Johnson 

who died in the summer of 2004 at age 75. 

He was a simple man, who worked hard, loved his family and worshipped his God. 

However, unlike most of us, he experienced an extraordinary opportunity chronicled here. You see, in 1971 the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) named him the 

'Average American' 

Along with his family, he was the subject of untold newspaper articles, the recipient of good, bad & ugly letters from around the country, and starred in a number of nationwide Television shows chronicling the challenges of middle income families and what they desired from their political leaders.  

The highpoint of this Odyssey was when my dad spent an unforgettable week on the 1972 Presidential campaign trail with Democratic nominee Sen. George McGovern - who was challenging Richard M. Nixon for the Presidency.

All against a backdrop that included Watergate, the Viet Nam War, the Apollo Moonshots and the Civil Rights struggles.

This site includes all his memorabilia of the entire adventure that is accessed by clicking the buttons on the top

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