With sadness we note the passing of our friend

Max Ullrich

who died this past January 24th following a short battle with cancer.  He had just celebrated his 80th birthday.  

Max had been the long time owner of Van Driel's Medical Surgical Supply store in downtown Mt. Prospect. Way back in 1977, he had hired a young 16 yr neighborhood girl to be a clerk in his store - giving her the 1st and only job she held for the next 30-some years.

When Kathy started working for Max she found not just an employer, but a life long friend who truly cared for her  - and she for him.  Max's wife Irmi and their children were just as loving to Kathy and our family over the years as well.

When Max died, we got talking about how there really were 3 Father figures in Kathy's life.  The first was obviously her own father Ray, who died when Kathy was so very young.  After we were married, Kathy developed a close relationship with my own Father, taking care of him when he was ill and having him over all the time for dinner, until he passed. 

And Max was the 3rd Father figure to Kathy -  for probably the longest portion of her life.  She loved him, trusted him and wanted him to feel he could count on her and be proud of her.

Picture upper right is of Max and his wife Irmi with Kathy at a Mt. Prospect Civic Awards dinner commemorating Max on his 50 Years of Service to the community.  All the way on the bottom of the page is a video tribute to Max looking back through his exceptional life.


family takes many forms

and we considered Max and his family part of our own.

Godspeed Max Ullrich, Our Friend