As unbelievable as it sounds, we attended a Farewell Party for Bryan & Sabrina who are

Moving to Boston!

On this last day of May, Rick, Brad & his cutie girlfriend Tina, went down to Orland Park to attend a Going Away pool party hosted by Sabrina's parents, Sue & Tony. Thanks go to Tony & Sue for a great afternoon.

Bryan has accepted a job in Boston in his field of Emergency Management and he leaves this week. Sabrina will finish up her School Teaching term towards the end of June and then she is off to join Bryan at their East Coast Lovenest.

As you recall, they were just married this past December in a Raucous party still being studied and copied by Wedding Planners across the continent.

They have packed up and are vacating their Midwest Lovenest in Oak Lawn, even though they are still finalizing exactly where they will be living in Beantown. As you can imagine they are both extremely excited.

Surprisingly, Kathy is bearing up much better than I feared. The 1st group of firemen were able to talk her down off our roof just 20 minutes after she heard the news. She just keeps repeating over and over to no one in particular that "I'm going out there whenever I want!".

Oddly though, she seems to have developed what sounds like a Northeastern Accent and her PC home page has been changed to some website that states it's purpose is for "Single Lobstermen Searching For That Special Lady Lobster!"

She was unable to attend the party as the new Anti-Depressants have not yet stabilized. Plus, she attended a Wedding Shower for lovely niece Jameson and she also has an early flight the next morning headed for The Princess Penthouse that she has not yet packed for.

Of course, we were initially saddened thinking about our eldest Son and new daughter moving 1,000 miles away, but we are cheered as this is exactly the time in their lives when opportunities like this should be seized and enjoyed. We have already looked at which airlines haul the Chicago-Boston route, so we know we will be together often.

Second Son Ben is already making noises about spending time on the East Coast when his summer School Teaching break arrives. Hope they have a lot of room - they're going to need it!

Unbelievable - Sabrina & Bryan moving to Boston!

God Bless & Protect you both

We will see you soon!