Our life and times







A Most Blessed Christmas
Jordan & Ben Get Engaged!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Masters Graduation Party For Ben
Saying Goodbye To A Great Friend - Capt. Ken Crook
Tyler's 15th Birthday Party
Annual Family Reunion At Riverwoods Farm!
Nate & Mary's Engagement Party!
Christina's College Graduation Party
A Beautiful Mothers Day Barbecue At Bryan & Sabrina's
Team Block Philo Foal Review
Scarlett Mae Is Baptized!
A Blessed Easter
Brad Accepted Into NIU's Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program!
1st Birthday Breakfast With Thor!
The Party Of The Year.... Thor's 1st Birthday!
Rockin' To Jefferson Starship!


Our Blessed Christmas
The 2015 Family Christmas Card Is Out!
The Princess Hosts A Spectacular Thanksgiving Feast
Brad's BG Bills Win The Super Bowl
The Wedding Reception Of Gunz & Shannon
Pop Runs Them Down In The Stretch!
The Wedding of Aly & Brian
Tyler Birthday & Grade School Graduation Party
Allison & Jeff Graduate High School
Mom's 80th Birthday Party!
Jeff Gregorio Turns 18!
Theodore Russell Johnson Is Baptized
A Blessed Easter
The Arrival Of Our First Grandchild - Theodore Russell Johnson
Pop - A Maiden No More!


A Blessed Christmas
The Johnson's 2014 Christmas Card Is Out!
Lovely Goddaughter Allison's 18th Birthday
Bradley Graduates From University
Kathy Hosts A Stellar Thanksgiving Gala!
Brother In Law Steve Hits The Big 7-0!
Bryan & Sabrina's Baby Shower!
The Wedding Of Phil & Emma Powell
In The Chamber Breaks His Maiden In His 1st Start!
The Wedding Of Jameson & Lane
Jameson & Lane's Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner
Remembering Dad On The 10th Anniversary Of His Death
Back Racing! Introducing The Twins!
Date Night! Kathy & I See The Bangles!
Bryan & Sabrina With A BIG Announcement!
Nephew Corey Graduation Party!
A Wild 4th Of July!
Celebrating Tyler's 13th Birthday
Bobby Moran's 60th Birthday Party
Farewell Party For Bryan & Sabrina As They Move To Boston!
Godson Scott Gallo Graduates From Aviation School
Kathy Gets Her "Princess Penthouse"!
The Death Of The General - Jim Polk
It's A Super Bowl Party!
Eli's 1st Birthday Party
The 2013 Christmas Card Is Out!


Bryan & Sabrina Marry
      The Reception
      The Wedding
      Wedding Rehearsal

A Busy Christmas
A Beautiful Christmas Eve
Thanksgiving At Home
Visiting The Champion - General Charley!
Brett & Mary Celebrate Halloween
The 80th Birthday Of Our Beloved Aunty Joyce
Ben's Softball Team Wins The Fall Championship!
Sabrina & Bryan's Wedding Shower!
Meeting Rich & Diane Wallis In London!
The Red Rabbit Racing Awards Dinner
Farewell, Workin For Hops
Jameson & Lane Are Engaged!
Jaclyn Headed Off To University! The Party
Disaster On The Drop! The Hopster Runs Last
Pool Party At Sabrina's!
July 4th Family Reunion At Bob & Peg's Riverwoods Farm
Another 3rd Place For The Hopster? No Way!
David & Pat Block's Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Bradley Named To NIU Dean's List!
The Wedding Of Henry & Jessica Kaskov
Workin For Hops Runs In The Swoons Son Stakes!
Bradley Robert Kennedy Eisenhower Johnson Turns 21!
The Hopster Runs Another 3rd With Lady Jockey Rosemary!
A Surprise Birthday Party For Gail Moran!
Weekend With Ben At Keeneland To Watch Workin For Hops Run
Deacon Rick Johnson's 1st Sermon
Workin For Hops Romps At Gulfstream Park!
A Sheer & Utter Dissapointment For The Hopster At The Fairgrounds
An Engagement Party For Sabrina & Bryan


The Christmas Card Is Late - But It Is Now Out!
A Blessed and Happy Christmas
Bryan & Sabrina Become Engaged!
Visiting Brad And Watching NIU's Homecoming Game
Ben Johnson Lands On The Cover Of The Wall Street Journal!
Kathy & I Celebrate Our 27th Wedding Anniversary In London
Annual Family Reunion At Riverwoods Farm
Rick Graduates As A Deacon
Ryan Perryman 16th Birthday Party On Memorial Day
Godson Tyler Makes His First Communion
Brad Goes Off To University!


The 2011 Christmas Card Is Out!
John Gallo Commissioned In The United States Air Force
Benjamin Russell Johnson Graduates From University
Kemper Lakes Christmas Party Gala!
Off To The Breeders Cup For Jean, Brett & Rick
Allison And Jeff Are Confirmed In The Christian Faith!
Quick Trip To See Charley And Watch Sophie's Soccer!
Red Rabbit Racing Back In Business With Austons Sure Cure
Brett Turns 21 Years Old!
David Block Football Quarterback
Ben's 1st Day As A Teacher!
The Family Portrait Photo Session
Kelsey's Birthday & Graduation Party
A Beautiful Diakonia Graduation Service
The Retirement Of The Great General Charley
Ben Inducted In Kappa Delta Pi Honors Society!
Ben's Last Air Band Competition
Mike Gregorio Has A 50th Birthday Party
The Last Race Of General Charley
General Charley In A Sermon?
Kathy & I Take Our Delayed 25th Anniversary Cruise!
General Charley Kicks Off The 2011 Racing Season With Our Worst Day Ever!


The 4th Annual Red Rabbit Racing Awards Dinner
Another Blessed Christmas
General Charley 'Shoulders The Load' At Hawthorne
Brett And Rick Go To Louisville For The Breeders Cup
You May Now Call Me Colonel Rick Johnson!
A Standing Ovation For General Charley
The 50th Wedding Anniversary Of Ray & Kathie Godfrey
Julia Knight 50th Birthday Surprise!
Charley Remains Perfect At Arlington
The General Goes 4 For 4
General Charley With The Hat Trick Of Wins!
Kathy & Rick Celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary!
Bradley Graduates High School On His 18th Birthday!
Brad & Christina Go To The Prom!
Undefeated At Arlington - Charley Wins Again!
Happy 75th Birthday To Mom - In New York!
Ben And Sara Go To A Cubs Game
General Charley Returns To Arlington Park With A Flourish
Surprise 50th Birthday Party For Jean And Randy!
Visiting Ben At EIU For His Air Band Competition
A Blessed Easter
The Death Of Family Patriarch, Robert Arthur Johnson
Brad & Christina Go To The Turnabout Dance
Jaclyn's Orchestra Concert
Down To New Orleans During Super Bowl Weekend
General Charley Runs In New Orleans
The Death Of Max Ullrich


Belated Celebration Of Steve Gallo's 65th Birthday
Celebrating A Beautiful Christmas - With MOM!
The Christmas Card Is Out!
"Houston - We Have A Problem" - Charley Goes To Texas
Colonels, Charley & Churchill Downs
Brad's Last Football Season Ends
Horror At Hawthorne!  General Charley Runs Last!
Brad Makes 'Play Of The Game' Against Hersey!
Brad & Christina Go To Their Homecoming Dance
Blue Cross/Blue Shield IT Reunion
General Charley Runs Fourth With Only Three Shoes
Greg Goluska's 60th Birthday Gala
Bryan Begins His Career!
The Wedding Of Doug & Allie Tomczak
General Charley Runs Like A Million
The 2008 Red Rabbit Racing Awards
Motorola Cellular IT Group Reunion
Kathy And Rick Cruise Out Of New Orleans!
General Charley Finishes A Beaten Fifth
Annual Family Reunion At Riverwoods Farm!
General Charley Refuses To Lose On Father's Day!
General Charley Tries To Repeat In The Tin Man Stakes!
The Death Of Pastor Carl F Thrun
Bryan Graduates From Western Illinois University
General Charley Wires Them At Arlington!
General Charley Run At Keeneland
Going To Ben's Air Band Show At EIU
Heart Of A Lion! General Charley Runs At Fair Grounds
Kathy Competes In The Trinity Lutheran Church Chili Cook-Off
Brett & Courtney Go To The Turnabout Dance
Off To New Orleans Again To See The General Run
Surprise 40th Birthday Party For Becky Sanford
Lilianna Marie Ryan Is Baptized


General Charley Closes Out The Racing Year In New Orleans
The 2008 Christmas Card Is Out!
Mom Comes North To Celebrate Christmas
Thanksgiving In New Orleans To See General Charley Run
Visiting Bryan At Western Illinois University
Ben The Weatherman At Eastern Illinois University
Brett, Brad & Dates Go To The Buffalo Grove Homecoming Dance
General Charley Runs In The John Henry Stakes
General Charley Wins The Tin Man Stakes
General Charley Runs Away With A Victory
Taking A Cruise To Celebrate Mom And Carl's Silver Wedding Anniversary
Spring Prairie Dunes Trip
General Charley's 1st Race On Father's Day
Red Rabbit Racing Claims General Charley!
Brett & Ari Go To The Prom!
Ruth Zamzow's 80th Birthday Celebration
Meeting Ben To Watch The "Air Band" Competition
The 2007 Red Rabbit Racing Awards Dinner
Brett & Beth Ann Go To The Turnabout Dance
Benjamin Goes To University!


Celebrating A Beautiful Christmas
The 2007 Christmas Card Is Out!
Jeff & Allison Gregorio Make First Communion
The Wedding Of Mike & Shannon Diederich
Brett Wins 'Offensive Prep Player Of The Year' Award!
Jean & Rick Go To Lousiville's Churchill Downs In Search Of A Racehorse
Visiting Bryan At University
Buffalo Grove Rocks Rolling Meadows In Greatest Game Ever Played!
Ben & Elizabeth Go To Hersey Homecoming Dance
Meeting Thomas & Antje In Las Vegas
The Wedding Of Beloved Godson Rick & Anna
Labor Day At The Race Track With The Family
Ben & Easton Win A "Best Legs In A Kilt" Contest!
Football - Week 2 BGHS For Brett & Brad
A Graduation Party For Ben!
Salt Syn Wins Again!
Sister Laurie Gregorio Turns 50 Years Old!
Salt Syn Wins For Red Rabbit Racing On Independence Day!
Family Reunion At Peggy's
Ben Graduates From Buffalo Grove High School
Ben And Rachel Go To Prom!
Memorial Day Picnics - Arlington Park & Nancy's
The Wedding Of Sara & Kevin Ryan
Spring Prairie Dunes Trip
Mom Visits Over Easter
Kathy, Ben, Brett & Brad Surprise Bryan!
Sidetrip to Greg Goluska Lake House
Sara Moran Wedding Shower!
Brett & Rachel Go To Wheeling Turnabout Dance
Brett & Paige Go To BGHS Turnabout Dance
Ben & Missy Go To The Turnabout Dance
Red Rabbit Racing Goes To The Opener At Hawthorne
A Surprise 50th Birthday Party For Kathy's Brother Jay
Well Deserved Awards For Max & Irmi Ullrich


The Kemper Lakes New Years Eve Gala

A Visit With Salt Syn

A Lovely Christmas

Ben And The Raging Raptors Football Club

Back To Prairie Dunes For The Charles Craig Classic

Niece Jayme And Nephews John And Scott Performing

Tony And His Golf Outing At Medinah

A Most Bizarre Cat Story

Remembering My Godfather - Russell Charles Johnson

Bryan Starts His Sophomore Year At University

Brett In The Hospital With A Concussion

Golf Weekend At Greg's Lakehouse

The Wedding Of Chris & Rachel Donan

Kathy Plays On A Ladies Softball Team!

Annual Family Reunion at Peg & Bob's Riverwoods Farm!

Niece Kelsey Celebrates Her 13th Birthday!

The Summer Of Brad Continues!  Brad At Space Camp!

Red Rabbit Racing Claims Salt Syn

Bradley Robert Graduates Middle School!

Bradley Robert Is Confirmed!

Ben And Tracy Go To Buffalo Grove HS Prom

Brad Stars In His School Play "Grease"

The Hens Convene In Sarasota!

Easter Sunday Brunch With The Family

Rick Is On The Front Page!

The Latest Bob Moran Real Estate Venture
Red Rabbit Racing Awards Dinner
Brett & Brooke Go To 2 Turnabout Dances!

Ben & Tracy Go To Turnabout!

Valentine's Message  For My Beautiful Kathy

Bryan Goes To University


Our Beautiful Christmas

The Wedding Of Ken & Barbara Crook
Marion's Man Earns RRR Our First Check At Hawthorne

Rick Turns 50 Years Old!

Ben & Tracy Go To Their Homecoming Dance

Brett & Brooke Go To Their Homecoming Dance

Seeing The Rolling Stones In Washington DC
The Inaurugal Race Of Red Rabbit Racing!

We Finally Get A Horse!

Brad And Scott Attend Space Camp

Annual Family Reunion At Riverwoods Farm

Playing With The Pro's

The Wedding Of Brian & Katie

Brett Graduates From Middle School

Bryan Graduates From Buffalo Grove High School

Bryan & Amy Go To Prom

Brett Is Confirmed

Mom Celebrates Her 70th Birthday!

Dad's Headstone Is Laid

Rick Leaves Marconi

The Wedding Of Jason & Emily Johnson

Brad Is A Hero !  (Updated - With Local Newspaper Coverage)

Bryan And Christine Go To Turnabout

Ben And Allie Go To Turnabout

Aunt Peggy's 60th Surprise Birthday Party

Variety Show At London Middle School

Blizzard Hits Chicago

Rick In Hospital


Winding Up The Year With A beautiful Christmas

Back In Italy And Another Festa!

Boys Play Football

Bryan And Lizzi Go To Homecoming

Bryan is 18 & Ben is 16

IT Staff Meeting In Genoa

The Death Of My Father

A Week In the Northwoods

Back To Italy For Another Festa!
Family Reunion At Riverwoods Farm
Family Visits New York City

Summer Holiday In Italy!

Bryan Goes To Prom !

Kemper Lakes Scramble With Stan Mikita

Adopting An African Mountain Cat!

The Phantom Hits Chicago

Easter Family Get Together

Good Friend Diane Keogh Turns 40

Niece Mindy Tours Europe

Bryan Goes To Turnabout Dance

Red Rabbit Racing - Buying A Race Horse

New Years Holiday In Hawaii


Rick And Bob In Italy

Pop And Auntie Joyce's Birthday Party

Ben Goes To Homecoming Dance
Prairie Dunes Fall Trip
Brett And Ben Go To Space Camp
Family Reunion At Bob & Peg's Riverwoods Farm
Ben Is Confirmed

Ben & Brad Graduate

Rick Becomes Kemper Lakes 1st Member

Hens Trip 2003 - Sunny Florida

Great Friend Gail Moran Turns 50!

Easter Sunday & The Egg Hunt

Kathy Goes Back To England

Rick's New Dentist Pete

Golfing In Tucson With Jim Haleem

Water Park Fun In Lake Geneva

The Rolling Stones Hit Chicago


Our Most Blessed Christmas

Kathy Hospitalized

Bryan Goes To Homecoming
Back To Prairie Dunes With The Guys
Lets Play The Horses

Joe & Stacey Tomczak's Wedding

Back To Prairie Dunes With Jez
Family Reunion At Riverwoods Farm
Ben & Cousin John Gallo Graduate Space Camp

Rick Back At St. Andrews

Bryan Graduates From Level 3 Space Camp

Whose Ass Is This? (Don't Go Here If You're Squeamish!)

Kathy And Rick Celebrate 17th Wedding Anniversary

Marconi IT Staff Meeting Photos

Hen Fest 2002 In Florida

Kathy & Rick Get Remarried By Elvis!

Brad And Rick Visit Curly's Grave
Our Spring Holiday

Las Vegas

Brettie & Brad Star In Snow White


Year In Review Pictorial

Christmas Pub With Marconi Friends
Thanksgiving Day At The Johnson's
Monty Python Gets Loose In The House
Ben & John Go To Space Camp

Rick Takes New Job !

Bryan Stars In 'Oliver!'

The Hens Gather In Dallas

Easter At Jean & Stevens

Press For Secret Randy Video   


Year In Review Pictorial

Pictures From Phoenix Christmas Trip

Surprise Trip To NYC For Our 15 Year Anniversary! 

The Ferlanti's Welcome Their Latest

Jim & Rosemary Haleem


Ricks 43rd Birthday
Mark & Alvin Holiday In Europe
Mom & Carl Arrive In England
Pop & The Boys Feed The Pigeons In Trafalgar Square! 
Closing Out Our European Holiday At Euro-Disney Paris
Over To Koln Germany For The Second Leg Of Our Holiday
Beginning Our Summer Holiday in Amsterdam



Our European Adventure

Christmas Messages   Mom Video     Prairie Dunes Trips